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A Heat Pump May Be Your Best New HVAC Option

January 6th, 2020

sun-and-snowflake-badgeIf you want to start the new year by changing out your old heating and air conditioning system, that’s as good a resolution as any. If your old AC and furnace are past the point where they can meet your expectations, or if they’re making your life more difficult each time you have to look at your utility bills, there’s no time like now to replace them.

But before you begin thinking about putting in a new air conditioner and furnace, we’d like to run an alternative past you—a heat pump. A single installation that provides both heating and cooling, and possibly at superior energy efficiency than you’ve had before.

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Heating Bills Too High? 4 Ways You Can Change This

December 23rd, 2019

Man-paying-in-money-into-piggy-bankEnergy bills for your house are highest during the peak of summer and the peak of winter. Unless you somehow find a way never to run your heating system during the winter, you will experience a rise in energy costs during the season.

But if you think your current winter heating bills are far higher than they should be, and it isn’t due to a change in energy prices or increased use, there are ways to cut down on costs. The unfortunate truth is that it’s easy to waste energy with a few bad habits or through negligence. However, getting yourself out of those habits isn’t too difficult. With some changes and assistance from a Los Lunas, NM, HVAC contractor, you can wrangle those heating bills and get them under control.

Here are four ways to start beating the high cost of heating.

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How High-Efficiency Furnaces Save Money

December 9th, 2019


You spend money each winter to keep your family warm with a furnace. You might be spending too much, however, because your furnace is an old model with low energy efficiency. When you decide to upgrade to a new furnace, one of the best ways to lower your winter heating bills is to purchase one of the many models of high-efficiency furnaces that are on the market.

Before we go further about ways high-efficiency gas furnaces can lower utility bills, we want to stress that no furnace can guarantee lower heating costs. This is because efficiency isn’t the only factor to consider when installing a new furnace. A furnace that’s the wrong size or type can end up being a money-waster, no matter if it has the highest efficiency rating possible. The best way to ensure you have a furnace that will save money is to schedule the replacement with our professionals. We handle everything from installation to furnace repair in Rio Rancho, NM.

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Why You Don’t Want Air That’s Too Dry in Your House

November 25th, 2019

water-dropletsDuring the winter, we often experience a drop in humidity to the point where the air becomes too dry. Anything lower than 30% relative humidity is considered too low, the same way more than 60% is considered too humid for comfort.

But … what’s so bad about having dry air inside your house? Most people associate dry air with better comfort. (“But it’s a dry heat.”) So what exactly are the issues with having low humidity during the winter?

There are a number of problems, and some of them can be serious. Here are the main ones:

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This Is the Most Serious Furnace Problem!

November 11th, 2019

furnace-burners-smallWhat is the worst problem that can happen with your gas furnace? You might think having it fail to turn on during the coldest day of winter is terrible. And it definitely is! You’ll want to have furnace repair in Los Lunas, NM done as soon as possible if this happens. But if you guessed that the worst gas furnace trouble would involve the furnace becoming dangerous for the household, you’re right. There’s nothing worse than an appliance that is actively harmful.

Before we go farther, we want you to take a deep breath. Your furnace isn’t inherently dangerous. As long as it is 1) professionally installed, 2) maintained regularly, and 3) repaired promptly when it malfunctions, it has a low risk of danger. In fact, it is regular maintenance that will catch the problem we’re going to talk about before it turns hazardous.

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Why Won’t My Heat Pump Switch Over to Heating Mode?

October 28th, 2019

cold-man-with-thermostatA heat pump is a great comfort system for our climate. We have hot summers, and when in cooling mode a heat pump is as powerful as the best air conditioners. We experience mild winters, and a heat pump has an energy efficient heating mode that delivers comfort without turning electricity bills too scary.

But what happens if you have a heat pump that simply won’t heat when you need it? If it’s either still sending out cool air or the air from the vents is room temperature, you have a comfort problem. In some situations, this will require calling for professional heating repair in Los Lunas, NM. Our experts are ready to get on the job and have your heat pump working the way it should again.

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Warning Signs of a Boiler in Need of Repairs

October 14th, 2019

condensing-gas-boilerThe weather hasn’t turned cold yet to the point where you’ll have your boiler running regularly. The time is fast approaching, however, and we want to help you prepare for the winter season. The first step is arranging for maintenance for your boiler with our technicians. This is the best way to prevent boiler repair in Santa Fe, NM over the winter.

But since no amount of maintenance can prevent all repairs, the next step is understanding the signs of a boiler in trouble. When a boiler begins malfunctioning, it will send out several signals that it’s heading south. You can catch these and arrange for repairs before the boiler stops working. Remember, the sooner you have repairs done, the less extensive they are likely to be.

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It’s Time for Regular Maintenance for Your Furnace!

September 30th, 2019

heating-repair-servicesDo you use a furnace in Los Alamos, TX for comfort during the winters? If you do, you won’t rely on it as much as someone who lives in a northern state—but you will get use out of it during the coming months. Is the furnace ready for another season?

If your answer is “I’m not sure,” or “How can I know if it’s ready?” then we need to remind you about regular professional heating maintenance.

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How Do Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Save Money?

September 16th, 2019

ductless-mini-split-in-roomIf you know anything about ductless mini split systems (a.k.a. ductless air conditioning, ductless heat pumps), you’ve probably heard about how they can help a home save money on cooling bills. This is true, but it’s also a bit more complicated than simply saying, “Ductless systems save you money!” They reduce the cost of cooling a home in several different ways.

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Are Ductless ACs Worth Considering?

September 2nd, 2019

ductless-mini-split-on-the-wallDuctless heating and cooling systems are becoming more common in homes and businesses in the US each year. If you’re in a situation where you’re considering putting in new air conditioning in Bernalillo, NM for your house, a ductless AC may be on the list.

Is going with a ductless system worthwhile? Do they offer any fantastic benefits?

The answer to the second questions is, yes. Ductless heating and cooling offer superb advantages, which is why their use continues to spread. The answer to the first question is maybe. Going ductless isn’t the right choice in all situations, and we’re going to look at when ductless is a good option to weigh.

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