Bad Air Conditioner? Now Is the Time to Replace It!

air-conditioner-on-leavesBecause summers in New Mexico are intense and prolonged, people get to know their air conditioning systems quite well. So if you have an air conditioner that’s more than 15 years old or even more than ten years old, and you have reason to believe it didn’t do the job it was supposed to last summer, you have three options as the following summer season approaches:

  1. Have the air conditioner repaired so it can keep going for a few more seasons
  2. Arrange to have the system replaced with a new one
  3. Could you ignore it and hope for the best?

Option #3 is a nope. An air conditioning system isn’t “worthy of your trust.” If you believe it’s in danger of failing during the summer, you need to do something about it. But should you take choice #1 or choice #2?

The Experts Can Help You Make the Best Choice

We think it’s a brilliant idea to replace an AC that’s more than ten years old and showing signs of decline. The average service life of a central air conditioner is 10–15 years, so this is in the range when you would typically begin to consider getting a new system.

However, a professional might look over the air conditioner and determine that you can get a few more good years of performance from it with a cost-effective repair. Therefore, we recommend calling a licensed professional to examine your cooling system and give you an idea of whether to repair or replace it.

Moving Fast With a Replacement

If it looks like a replacement is the best option—and with an AC up there in age, it often is—spring is the right time to have the service done. Hot weather can strike Santa Fe any time during the spring, even if there will still be cold spots here and there until the summer settles in for good.

Taking early steps means you can find a convenient date for the replacement when you won’t need to rely on a cooling system. This also gives you time to choose the type of air conditioner you want. For example, you may wish to have a heat pump installed to replace an old electric furnace. There are also choices for special high-efficiency air conditioners.

We Can Get You an EXPRESS Air Conditioner Replacement!

We can make your air conditioning replacement in Santa Fe, NM, as easy for you as possible. And, we offer free estimates on air conditioning and heating system installation, so all it takes to get in motion on an AC replacement is to call our technicians. We’ll help you select the best new unit for your needs and size it, so it works at peak efficiency for many years. So, jump on the soon-to-arrive New Mexico summer and swap out that dying cooling system for a high-efficiency one.

Not in New Mexico? Check out our Colorado friends over at Lion Home Service!

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