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Thoughts on Plumbing Emergencies

Monday, April 27th, 2020

leak-in-trapRight now, plenty of people are wondering how much work around their house they can take care of on their own without having to call on a professional. This is prudent, and we completely understand. But we want to address this issue of plumbing repair, because most problems that can crop up with residential plumbing shouldn’t be left to DIY work.

So if a plumbing problem occurs in your house in the next few weeks, calling a professional plumber to fix it is usually the right choice. However, we want to guide you through a few issues that may have simple solutions, or may not actually be problems, as well as an important stopgap measure. When in doubt, call us for plumbing in Los Alamos, NM.

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3 Things to Look for In a Plumber

Monday, March 5th, 2018

emergency-plumbing-servicesPlumbing professionals are as important to your home as the mechanic is to your car. We depend on our plumbing systems for potable water to cook, clean and bathe with. It’s one of the basic staples of living. And when your plumbing system runs into trouble — whether it’s a leak, a clog, or a new sink — you want a plumbing company that knows its business and can deliver on its promises.

There are plenty of plumbers in the area, and most of them can do a halfway decent job if your pipes or outlets have a problem. But you don’t need just “halfway decent” when superior services are available. The question becomes how to separate the merely “decent” plumbing companies from those who go above and beyond.

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