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Thoughts on Air Conditioning Emergencies

Monday, May 11th, 2020

Ac-with-toolsIn our last post, we took a look at plumbing emergencies and how to tell when you’ve got one. For this post, we want to do something similar, except for your air conditioning system. Right now, many people are playing it cautiously when it comes to scheduling home services; they want to feel certain they have a major emergency before they call for professional assistance. Our philosophy is that if you feel the problem is urgent, it’s best to play it safe: assume it’s urgent and give our team members a call.

But we understand if you feel reticent to dash for the phone the moment you notice an AC problem. Thankfully, not all apparent AC emergencies are as bad as they appear. You may only have a minor glitch or simple mistake that’s harming your air conditioning in Espanola, NM.

Come follow us as we take a look at some simple AC malfunction scenarios.

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These Plumbing Noises Mean Trouble

Monday, June 24th, 2019

shocked-to-hearWhen people believe they live in a haunted house because they hear odd knocking and pounding sounds from the walls, they’re really dealing with a less ghostly of a problem: plumbing with an issue requiring attention.

You may need a plumber in Espanola, NM to track down what’s causing these sounds and then fix the trouble. Below we’ve written out a few of the sounds you might hear coming from your home’s plumbing and what they mean.

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Trenchless Technology Makes Sewer Repair Easier

Monday, February 5th, 2018

trenchless-sewer-repairThe sewer line is arguably the most important part of your plumbing: carrying waste and wastewater out of your home and into the nearby civic sewer system. In and of itself, it’s no different from any other length of pipe, save that it’s large and buried in the ground beneath your yard.

That keeps it safer from wear and tear than most pipes, but when trouble does arise, it presents a thorny problem. How can you reach a pipe to repair a leak or a clog when the pipe itself is buried underground?

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