Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Santa Fe, NM

Can you imagine what would happen if all of the windows in your office opened up during the summertime? It may create a distracting work environment or be otherwise poor for business, not to mention the discomfort that could follow. Moreover, your air conditioner would have to run nearly nonstop, driving up costs like you couldn’t believe.

Still, it’s important to have fresh air in a building that tends to stay shut up tightly throughout the day and night. Commercial indoor air quality systems help you to manage ventilation, allergens, and pollutants without creating unmanageable energy consumption. Get your new indoor air quality system in Santa Fe, NM from the service technicians on our team! Give us a call to schedule commercial indoor air quality services in Santa Fe, NM and the surrounding area.

Commercial Ventilation Systems

Have you ever sat indoors for several hours in a closed–up building before realizing the air felt stuffy or stale? This is not at all uncommon. Without proper ventilation, the fact that your air conditioner or heater is recycling the same air over and over again can become apparent. This is true whether you have a heat pump, furnace, or packaged unit, and even if you have an air purifier in place.

Often, the best solution for a commercial property is a heat recovery ventilator or energy recovery ventilator. These systems use a fan and heat exchanger to suck in air from the outdoors without allowing for much heat transfer. That way, the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems remains mostly in tact!

Control Allergens, Germs, and More

We install and service indoor air quality equipment that can keep harmful contaminants out of the air you breathe. That includes UV air purifiers that kills off germs like bacteria as they pass through your HVAC system. We also have top–efficiency HEPA filters to catch particulate large and small. Learn more about all of our indoor air quality systems and find out which is right for your home by calling for a free estimate today.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Maintaining the right levels of humidity is another thing of importance for many commercial properties. In some cases, poor humidity levels can affect food production, furniture, and art. For the most part, though, maintaining proper humidity on a commercial property is all about comfort. Stay more comfortable with the help of our commercial humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Need service for an existing system? We service any make or model!

Schedule Commercial Indoor Air Quality Service in Santa Fe, NM

Complete indoor air quality services are available from the team at Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain. That means that we can assess your property, find the proper system for your troubles, and make sure the entire commercial HVAC system is treated before air is distributed throughout the property.

The right air filter protects the health of the people on your property along with your HVAC equipment. A quality air purifier will stop you from having to worry so much about airborne illness. Call our experts today to learn more about how indoor air quality systems help your property work better.

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