Storm Drain Cleaning in Santa Fe, NM

The storm drains are amongst the most important plumbing components on a commercial property, although you may not guess so. When you live somewhere where storms and damp weather are somewhat common, storm drains take on a lot of work, collecting water and bringing it to the drains so that is doesn’t cause any water damage for your building.

A problem occurs when your storm drains cannot allow water to drain properly—a bigger issue than many people would guess. For the most part, it’s best to allow a professional plumber to deal with your commercial storm drains and make sure they are clean and clear. Call Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain to schedule storm drain cleaning with hydro jetting today!

The Dangers of Flooding and Property Damage

One potential issue that could occur when debris enters a storm drain and clogs up the system is flooding. Water has nowhere to go and could pool up around your property and begin to flood it. Some parts of your property simply were not made to withstand pools of water, so roofing, ceilings, and /or flooring may become severely waterlogged in the process. We’ve seen storm drains become responsible for hundreds or thousands of dollars in property damage.

Storm Drains and Sewage Backup

Another potential issue with your storm drains is that blockage could start a chain reaction that actually backs up your sewer line, and thus, the drains inside of your property. Depending on the configuration of your plumbing pipes, the sewer drains may be connected to your storm drainage system. While a blockage in the storm drains could block the drain pipes, it’s more common for blockage in the pipes to back up your storm drains.

This is a major health hazard. And all of this can easily be prevented with a simple visit from a plumber who uses hydro jetting technology.

Hydro Jetting Storm Drains

Hydro jetting is the best tool to use to clear out the storm drains and make sure water and waste can be disposed of properly. We recommend cleaning before and after the stormy (or monsoon) season for best results.

With this service, a plumber uses a thin, high–pressure hose to blast water out into the storm drains. This effectively forces out any blockage so that it moves along as necessary into the sewer lines. This can be used after blockage has occurred or as a preventative measure. To prevent storm drain blockage, hydro jetting can clear our debris and residue to make it less likely for blockage to occur.

Storm Drain Cleaning in Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain offers storm drain cleaning in Santa Fe, using some of the latest technology to do so. Keep your property safe, prevent water damage, and save some money with hydro jetting for storm drain cleaning on your commercial property.

With friendly plumbers and phone operators, professional technicians, prompt service, and a 1–year warranty on parts and labor, you cannot go wrong when you call our team. Make us your choice for plumbing repair and maintenance on your commercial property.

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