Commercial Water Filtration in Santa Fe, NM

If you own or manage a commercial property, you’re responsible for what goes on there, from the color of the tile to the age of the batteries in the smoke detectors to the quality of the water coming out of the sinks. Why take any chances? Many commercial properties use water filtration to ensure the water coming through the building is of the best quality. Water softeners can also help to clean up the water and protect your plumbing.

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Why You Need Commercial Water Filtration

Some companies rarely use water fresh out of the tap, and so they count on the office water cooler as the primary source of filtered water. Others use water for much of the day, such as commercial kitchens, but the idea of treating the water from the point of origin still may never cross a commercial property owner’s mind.

We think any property can benefit from water filtration, but especially any business that operates a commercial kitchen. Clean, filtered water improves cooking, cleaning, and of course, the taste of the water you serve. It also means people feel cleaner in, say, a hotel shower, or even just while washing their hands.

How Hard Water Affects Your Property

Another reason to schedule water testing and water treatment system installation for a commercial property is hard water. Think about how much money it will cost to one day replace your water heater, boiler, or plumbing pipes. This day can come around much faster if you don’t treat the water running through the property.

Hard water is an excess of certain minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water. Relatively harmless to ingest, these leave behind deposits in pipes, appliances, and plumbing fixtures. Those deposits could cause pressure changes in boilers and furnaces, or they can reduce the volume entirely from within the pipes. Pipes, water heaters, and other equipment need replacement far sooner than usual when a home has hard water so it’s often a good idea to consider treatment.

Types of Commercial Water Treatment Systems

The right water treatment system could make all the difference for your commercial property. This may include any one of the following:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems target all kinds of contaminants and are some of the most effective water purifiers out there.
  • Filtered Cartridges may not be able to catch every single contaminant that passes through the water, but it can still protect your property from some of the most common chemicals and substances.
  • UV Water Purifiers use UV light to kill off germs.
  • Water Softeners flush out the minerals in hard water, replacing them with sodium in order to protect the pipes.

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