Santa Fe Heat Pumps

The widespread use of central air conditioning is one of the best things that could have happened for New Mexico, but central heat pumps may soon surpass their numbers. A heat pump is an air conditioning and heating system in one, using the same components for heating used for air conditioning. That means only one system to keep track of—easier maintenance, faster installation, and a reliable system you can usually count on year-round.

A heat pump is highly efficient, saving money in summer and winter alike. And yet, so few people realize this is an option available to them. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system in Santa Fe, NM, consider a heat pump instead! And when you need heat pump installation or service of any kind, be sure to contact the friendly team over at Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain. Give us a call to schedule heat pump services in Santa Fe, NM, and the surrounding area.

What Makes Heat Pump Installation In Santa Fe A Great Option?

A heat pump provides air conditioning and heating from a single system using electricity as its fuel source and refrigerant as a heat transferring agent. This helps you to save money year-round.

Normally, when electricity is used for heating, it’s a costly option. Generating heat requires a lot of energy, but a heat pump doesn’t have to produce heat in this way. It only moves heat from outdoors to the inside—even when it’s cold out—making heat pumps far more energy-efficient than most comparable heating systems.

When it comes to air conditioning, heat pumps match or exceed standard air conditioners of power and efficiency. You can find quality heat pumps with SEER ratings well over 15!

When To Call For Professional Santa Fe Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are an excellent option for any home to year-rounded. They are far more durable than window units and portable heaters, but that does not make them invincible.

Even though a heat pump does not use natural gas as fuel, you should still schedule an inspection each fall before it gets cold and each spring before it heats up. That way, you can find out whether any component of your heat pump system needs repair before it’s too late and the unit breaks down. Heat pump maintenance also includes tune-up–up that can make your system more efficient.

It’s also important to call for service when you notice a problem with your heating or air conditioning. The sooner you schedule heat pump repair, the better!

Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors in Santa Fe, NM

When you want to feel certain your heat pump is in good hands, the team to trust is Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain. We install and service heat pumps in Santa Fe, NM, and all the nearby cities, and we provide service quickly. Our service technicians are clean, reliable, and professional, and our service is affordable too.

Looking for a new heat pump? We’ll help you understand all of your options and make sure your new system is the right fit for your home. Need fast service? Our dedication to customer service sets us apart, so you’ll know your system is in good hands. Contact our friendly team today. Why wait for service when you can get it express?

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