Santa Fe Gas Line Repair

You know that you call in a plumber when there are problems with the water and drain pipes, but did you know plumbers can work on Santa Fe gas lines too? Our plumbers can!

We have the certification to work on natural gas piping throughout Santa Fe, NM. Of course, in an emergency—if you detect the smell of rotten eggs that often warns of a gas leak—it’s important to get out of the home quickly and contact the emergency line of your local utility company. For everything else, you can count on us!

We install and service natural gas lines so that you can upgrade many of your appliances, move a gas fixture to another part of the home, or install a new water heater or heating system. Contact Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain today to get started! Give us a call to schedule a plumber in Santa Fe, NM, and the surrounding area.

Extend Your Gas Lines In Santa Fe

Sometimes, people become convinced that gas heating is not an option for them because of the gas lines’ location. That means they are spending a lot of money to use electric heating methods, as generating heat uses a lot of energy.

In most cases, however, as long as you have access to the natural gas lines, you can have someone extend your gas piping with a flexible gas line to allow you access to any appliance. A plumber with the right qualifications is best suited for the job. After all, we work on pipes all the time!

The Benefits of Natural Gas

If you’re still using an electric stove, clothes dryer, furnace, or water heater, you miss out. Many of these electric appliances cost more to run even if they use the same amount of energy simply because the cost of using electricity is so high.

The biggest problem people with electric appliances tend to face come up when cooking. Electric ovens do not always heat as precisely as you’d like, but it’s electric ranges that can truly make cooking difficult. Professional chefs always warn against using electric range tops because it’s difficult to cook a meal properly. Our flexible gas line services can solve this problem for you!

Santa Fe Gas Line Repair And More

For obvious reasons, gas pipe installation or repair is not something you should ever leave in the hands of an amateur. A gas leak or carbon monoxide leak is not something you can afford to risk, so leave it up to us when you decide you need repairs.

Whether it’s a dilapidated line that’s seen no use for years or you need gas lines for a new water heater or furnace, let our experts handle it (and then we can install your appliances. Our team is always…

  • Prompt
  • Courteous
  • Clean
  • Reliable
  • And Safe

We make our services as affordable as we can, too. All of our service technicians are background–checked, randomly drug–tested, and continuously trained. You can feel confident about the person in your home and know that your natural gas piping is in the safest hands possible.

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