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Repiping Services in Santa Fe, NM

No plumbing problem brings more dread than finding out you need brand new piping throughout your property. Unfortunately, this is a reality every home has to deal with at some point or another—you just hoped it wouldn’t happen when you owned it! Now you’re left to deal with the mess your older pipes left behind, the possibility of ripping out your landscaping and more, and the idea of dealing with plumbers you know nothing about.

Our plumbers can help with all of the worst parts of repiping, starting with our friendly customer service. In the end, we plan to leave your property cleaner than we found it. We even offer trenchless technology to cut out the mess! For commercial or residential property repiping in Santa Fe, you can count on us. Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain: Why wait for service when you can get it express? Give us a call to schedule a plumber in Santa Fe, NM and the surrounding area.

Identifying Problems with Hi–Tech Camera Inspections

When there are signs of a major plumbing problem on a property, we start out with a hi–tech video camera inspection. A homeowner may call us because they can smell sewage, because the water pressure is dropping, or because there has been a spike in their water usage, and these are all reasons to be concerned.

Our video camera inspection gives us a 360° view of the plumbing pipes. We can navigate throughout the length of your pipes with our video camera drain snake, and combine this with other leak detection equipment to find the source of the problem. Sometimes, a repair will suffice, but older pipes and corrosion usually calls for repiping.

Repiping and Rerouting Pipes

We take the utmost care when repiping a home in selecting the right pipes and connections that will last. It’s highly unlikely you’ll run into many problems in the future when we’re done, and that’s always the goal. We install copper pipes, plastic piping, and more.

If only one area of the home needs repiping or pipe repair, we take care to see that the least possible amount of damage is done. Sometimes, such as when there is a slab leak, it turns out that we can reroute pipes so we don’t have to tear up the foundation. When you need repiping throughout the property and underneath the home, though, it’s a different story.

Repiping Underneath a Property with Trenchless Technology

The most daunting place for pipe installation is underneath a property, but our trenchless equipment makes it easier. Think of all the demolition and repaving that would be required to dig a trench underneath the driveway and other parts of the property—and now think of how much easier it would be to dig only a single hole!

Trenchless technology makes this a reality. We only need to dig one or two holes on the property in order to insert a new line into the old pipe. It holds up just as well as brand new piping in most cases!

For complete repiping or pipe and drain repair in Santa Fe, contact our friendly team. If you suspect a plumbing or sewer leak, we can show up for repairs 24 hours a day!

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