Dual Fuel Systems in Santa Fe, NM

We have a lot of options for whole-house heating and air conditioning in Santa Fe, NM, but none combine efficiency and performance quite as effectively as the dual-fuel system. This furnace and heat pump hybrid is the perfect system for the environmentally conscious and those who appreciate long-term savings. We’ll tell you why a bit later. For now, you should know that when you’re looking for the best heating system or air conditioner for your home, and for quality service every time, you can reach out to the team at Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain.

We install and service dual-fuel heat pumps (and more!) throughout the area. What’s more is that we do it while providing the best customer service we can. Our customers describe us as professional, clean, reliable, and affordable. When you call us, you can count on quality service and timeliness. Why wait for service when you can get it Express? Simply give us a call to schedule HVAC services in Santa Fe, NM and the surrounding area.

What Is a Dual–Fuel System?

A dual–fuel heat pump is a combination of two systems: a gas furnace (used for heating) and an electric heat pump (used for heating and cooling). It may seem as though a heat pump alone would be enough. After all, it is an air conditioner that reverses to provide heat, absorbing heat from the air outside and moving it indoors. This tends to be more efficient than standard heating systems because the process of moving heat is more efficient than generating heat.

The problem with a heat pump, however, is that it starts to become less effective the cooler it gets outside. When there is less heat available outdoors, the hybrid–heat dual fuel system kicks on the furnace to keep the heat going.

Can You Really Save Money with Hybrid Heat?

A dual–fuel heat pump is certainly an investment. However, over time, you can save money by combining this system of gas and electric heat. When it’s efficient to do so, using low energy to heat the home, the heat pump continues to run. Natural gas, however, tends to cost less per unit than electricity. Once temperatures drop and the system switches over to furnace mode, you continue the savings.

Plus, heat pumps are rated highly for efficiency in the summer as well. A technician can help you select the heat pump with the best SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) for savings in the hotter months, so that you notice a drop in your bills from last year. It could eventually offset your initial investment.

Complete Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System Services

If you need a new installation for your home, we’re here to help, whatever it may be. If you decide on a heat pump, a furnace, or a combination, we can help you follow through with the selection and installation process.

A dual–fuel system can help you save, but only if you call a professional for service and installation. Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain is the team to trust whether you need new system installation, maintenance, or sudden repairs. In fact, we can show up for repairs 24 hours a day, including holidays! Contact us today for heating and air conditioning service in Santa Fe, NM.

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