AC Not Keeping the House Cool Enough? Here’s Why!

woman-and-fanThis is a problem we often deal with in August when sending out our skilled HVAC technicians: a central air conditioner that no longer pushes out enough cold air to keep a house comfortable. Although this isn’t usually an issue that sends people running to call for emergency repairs, it’s still trouble and in many cases will need service from our pros to fix it.

Before you schedule either air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement in Bernalillo, NM with our team, read over some of the reasons your air conditioner is falling down on the job. You may find a simple cause for the problem, or you may realize that it’s time to think about getting a new air conditioner.

The HVAC system’s air filter is clogged

We recommend checking this as soon as you notice a decline in the cooling power from your air conditioner. The air filter on the HVAC cabinet, which is usually located where the return air duct connect to the blower, will become congested after one to three months of running the fan or AC. Less warm air enters the air conditioner to be cooled down—and this is only one of several problems a clogged filter will trigger. If you discover the filter is crammed with lint and other debris, put in a new one to see if this improves the AC’s performance.

The refrigerant coils are dirty

The outdoor condenser coils for an air conditioning system can easily become covered with dirt, mulch, leaves, grass clippings, etc. Dirty coils can’t release heat to the outdoors as well, which affects indoor cooling. A similar problem can affect the evaporator coils indoors if dust gets inside the HVAC cabinet. Only allow professionals to do the job of cleaning off the coils.

Refrigerant leaks

This is a problem that often strikes ACs after five or more years in service. Chemical corrosion on the refrigerant lines allows this vital chemical to escape. Not only will this lower cooling power, it will eventually cause catastrophic damage to the compressor. Service technicians can locate leaks, seal them, and then replace the lost refrigerant.

Leaking ductwork

The loss of cooling may not be trouble inside the AC, but in the ducts. When ducts develop air leaks, up to 30% of the cooled air passing through the ventilation system can escape. This not only means higher bills, but less cool air reaching the rooms. It requires professionals to seal these leaks—duct tape from the store won’t do it.

Malfunctioning thermostat

Please don’t push the thermostat setting lower and lower when you have cooling problems! This will only put more strain on an AC that’s already struggling. In fact, the thermostat could be the source of the loss of cooling. The thermostat may be signaling the air conditioner’s compressor to turn off early so it won’t reach the setting you desire.

Over-the-hill AC

Finally, your central air conditioning system may be too old to ever work as well as it once did. We recommend replacing an air conditioner that’s more than 15 years old when it begins to suffer a loss in cooling power.

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