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Which Heating Replacement is Right For Your Home?

Your heater isn’t going to last forever. When the time comes for replacement, you’ll know it based on a few factors: Its age, how efficient it is, and if the need for repairs has increased. So when that time does come, you can take the time to decide what kind of heater you want to

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Heat Pump Not Heating?

A heat pump is a great comfort system for our climate. We have hot summers, and when in cooling mode, a heat pump is as powerful as the best air conditioners. Plus, these systems have an energy-efficient heating mode that delivers comfort during our mild winters without causing a massive uptick in our electricity bills.

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The Worst Stuff for Your Kitchen Drain and Disposal

Although most homeowners would never mistake their garbage disposal for a trash can, that’s sometimes what happens unintentionally. It’s not so much that people think garbage disposals are indestructible, it’s more that the garbage disposal has a few weaknesses most people wouldn’t anticipate. Likewise, anything that the garbage disposal has trouble with won’t end well

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How to Deal with Plumbing Leaks

You have a plumbing leak, and you’re not sure what to do about it. Like many people, you may be tempted to both ignore it and hope it’ll fix itself. This always seems to be an attractive course of inaction, but the ultimately unhappy results speak to its ineffectiveness. Instead, depending on what kind of

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