Heating Bills Too High? 4 Ways To Fix It

Store the money you save on your heating bill into a piggy bank. It'll add up, trust us!Energy bills for your house are highest during the peak of summer and winter. So unless you somehow find a way never to run your heating system during the winter, you will experience a rise in energy costs during the season.

But if you think your current winter heating bills are far higher than they should be, and it isn’t due to a change in energy prices or increased use, there are ways to cut down on costs. Unfortunately, it’s easy to waste energy with a few bad habits or through negligence. However, getting yourself out of those habits isn’t too tricky. With some changes and assistance from a Los Lunas, NM, HVAC contractor, you can wrangle those heating bills and get them under control.

Here are four ways to start beating the high cost of heating.

ONE: Never Skip Scheduled Heating Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to keep your heating system from turning into a money pit. An HVAC professional’s annual inspection and tune-up prevent a yearly 5% rise in heating costs. If you didn’t schedule maintenance in the fall, the recommended time to have it done, it’s not too late to have it done for this year.

TWO: Know The Energy-Smart Settings For The Thermostat

Poor judgment with thermostat settings is a quick way to pay too much for comfort. Setting the thermostat in the 80-degree range is a massive drain on power. This drain results in the house quickly losing heat to the outside. This loss forces the heating system to keep running to maintain a hot temperature for comfort.

The closer the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the slower the house will lose heat. We recommend a setting of 68°F during the day (plus an extra layer of clothes). Dropping the temperature from 80°F to 68°F can reduce 25% on heating costs.

THREE: Check and Replace The Filter Regularly

The filter in your HVAC system needs to be swapped for a new filter regularly. If left in place, a filter will become so clogged that it will choke airflow and drastically reduce energy efficiency. Make a monthly check on the filter; it’s time to put in a fresh filter if you hold it up to the light and block it out. Stick to the regular schedule through the season.

FOUR: Replace Old Heating Equipment

If you have a heating system over 15 years old, it probably costs you too much to run. No heater can last forever, and most have a 10 to 20-year age range, depending on the system. Gas furnaces, the most common type of heater, usually last 15 years. Suppose you have an old heater, and your energy bills steadily rise. In that case, it’s more cost-effective to have a new, more energy-efficient heating system replace it.

For assistance with controlling your heating bills—repairs, maintenance, replacements, thermostat upgrades—turn to our professionals.

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