Call for Air Conditioning Repair for Short Cycling Issues

air-conditioning-repairsAs spring turns into summer, temperatures in the area will continue to rise. You’re going to be using your air conditioner more and more often in the next few weeks, which makes this a perfect time to note any problems with your air conditioner and call a repair service immediately. You should never attempt to diagnose a problem with your air conditioner yourself, but you can spot the signs that something isn’t functioning the way it should simply by noting any differences in your system’s performance.

Among the things you should watch for is a process known as short cycling: turning on and off again very quickly multiple times throughout the day. It doesn’t sound like much, but in fact, it can signal a significant problem.

What Does Short Cycling Mean?

Short cycling is what happens when an air conditioner turns on, but doesn’t run for more than a few minutes before turning off again. The heat of the day soon raises the temperature, however, and the AC turns on, then off again and so on in an endless cycle throughout the day.

Why is that a problem? Because air conditioners use far more power turning on and off than they do simply running. It takes extra energy to get fan motors and similar components up to speed, as well as increasing wear and tear on individual components. The same thing is true when the system shuts down and again, extra power is needed to slow and then stop the pertinent parts. Simply running the system, on the other hand, uses far less energy, which is why you want your system to run for at least 15 minutes at a clip.

When that doesn’t happen, the cost of running your air conditioner will spike. Even worse, your system’s components will suffer under increased strain, which in turn raises the possibility of more serious breakdowns in the future. The sooner you deal with a short cycling issue, the better.

Possible Causes

Only a trained air conditioning technician should attempt to diagnose the cause of the short cycling, let alone attempt repairs. Air conditioners are highly technical pieces of equipment, and contain potentially dangerous components that require formal training and licensing to fix. Part of that is because there is no one source of short cycling. It can be caused by a number of different factors.

For example, problems with the system’s electrical system can cause it to turn on and off in the face of intermittent power. Short cycling also takes place if an individual component is overheating, or if there’s a blockage in the system causing cool air to remain trapped inside the central unit. (Some units shut down automatically in those cases to prevent damage to individual components.) In those cases, a quality repair session can fix the problem quickly and for the long term.

Unfortunately, it may also be caused by an oversized heating system, in which case, you will need to get it replaced in order to solve the problem.

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