Did You Schedule AC Maintenance Yet?

service-blue-markerWe offer 24-hour air conditioning repair services because we know plenty can go wrong with a home’s AC during the summers in Santa Fe, and not always at a convenient time. We’re glad to offer AC repair in Belen, NM and elsewhere whenever our customers need it. But we also want our customers to get the best possible performance from their air conditioners so they rarely need to call for repairs in the first place.

With our routine maintenance service for air conditioning systems, we can help you avoid air conditioning troubles throughout the summer and enjoy many other benefits that come with the well-cared-for cooling system.

Aim to Have Your AC Maintenance Done Before Summer Starts

The official first day of summer is only two weeks away. Many homeowners have maintenance for the air conditioning systems done early or mid-spring, but it’s certainly not too late to schedule it now, when temperatures are still mild. As with the maintenance for most appliances, devices, and vehicles, the job is best done right before a period when the air conditioning system is needed the most. It’s like “armoring up” your AC before it heads into battle.

What If I Miss the Deadline? Should I Just Skip Maintenance for This Year?

There’s no actual “deadline”! There’s only a recommended time for maintenance so air conditioners are prepared before the hottest weather of the year arrives. It’s better to schedule AC maintenance later than not at all. Skipping maintenance can create serious consequences for the operation of an air conditioner:

  • It increases the likelihood that it will need repairs. Around 85% of the repairs an AC may need during its service life are because of lack of maintenance. Keeping up with maintenance means an 85% reduction in repairs!
  • Along with the likelihood of repairs comes the likelihood of the air conditioning system breaking down and leaving you without cooling until emergency repairs can get to you. Maintenance is your best insurance against a summer cooling disaster.
  • Regular inspections and tune-ups are also essential for getting the air conditioner to last as long as possible. An AC that isn’t maintained will often only reach half its estimated lifespan.
  • Without routine maintenance, the manufacturer’s warranty may be voided. This removes an important consumer protection against a factory fault causing the AC to break down or need an early replacement.

Maintenance Is Easy When You Call Us

Don’t think of maintenance as a difficult chore—it’s quite simple! You only have to call our offices to schedule it. We will take care of everything else. Our technicians will come to your house to inspect all parts of the AC, tighten electrical connections, check refrigerant pressure, clean and lubricate moving parts, clean the outdoor coil, check airflow, and many other jobs. We work with all the top brands in air conditioning, and our team is on-time, friendly, and professional. We’ll have the job done before you know it, and you’ll be set for another summer.

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