Does Your AC Need a Tune-Up? Or Repairs?

tools-on-ac-cabinetAugust can often be a rough time for air conditioning systems. They’ve already taken on a few months of intense Santa Fe mid-year weather, and the heat often ramps up even more during August and September. This is why air conditioners are at the highest risk of breaking down during the late summer, and why it’s a good idea to pay attention to any warnings that your home’s AC is in trouble.

When an air conditioner does begin to show signs of malfunction, such as making odd noises, losing cooling power, or stopping and starting too often, people sometimes wonder if they should arrange for an air conditioning tune-up in Santa Fe, NM before the trouble gets bad enough that they need repairs. But this isn’t what an AC tune-up is for, as we’ll explain.

A tune-up is a prevention tool

Air conditioning systems need to have maintenance tune-ups each year. The best time for this service is in the spring, before the air conditioner has to do the majority of its work for the year. During the tune-up, an HVAC professional tightens electrical connections, cleans and lubricates moving parts, cleans the coils, tests refrigerant pressure and amperage, and any other task that will keep the AC working with the least amount of stress as possible. The tune-up also includes an inspection of all the major components (motors, coils, blower fan, control board) so the technician can catch trouble spots early and have any repairs done before the season begins.

If an air conditioning system has its annual tune-up and inspection from professionals, it should rarely run into problems over the summer or need to have emergency repairs.

If the AC does have summer problems, a tune-up is not what it needs!

A malfunctioning AC needs to be repaired

Any time you notice something isn’t right with your air conditioning system, you don’t need to schedule maintenance to tune it up and inspect it. (Hopefully, you already had maintenance during the spring.) What you need when the AC is malfunctioning is repairs. Technicians will diagnose exactly what’s wrong with the air conditioner and take care of the work to fix it. The visit won’t include standard tune-up services, since this is only necessary once a year. If you haven’t had a maintenance tune-up this year, it’s not to late to schedule it—just tell your repair technician.

Call the EXPRESS Air Conditioning Experts for Repairs

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