Are Ductless ACs Worth Considering?

ductless-mini-split-on-the-wallDuctless heating and cooling systems are becoming more common in homes and businesses in the US each year. If you’re in a situation where you’re considering putting in new air conditioning in Bernalillo, NM for your house, a ductless AC may be on the list.

Is going with a ductless system worthwhile? Do they offer any fantastic benefits?

The answer to the second questions is, yes. Ductless heating and cooling offer superb advantages, which is why their use continues to spread. The answer to the first question is maybe. Going ductless isn’t the right choice in all situations, and we’re going to look at when ductless is a good option to weigh.

A Quick Rundown on How Ductless Systems Operate

Ductless systems are almost all types of heat pumps. There are a few “cooling only” models, but when we mention ductless air conditioning in this post, keep in mind that most installations also provide heating. You can check mark that off in the “positives” column.

Ductless air conditioners are mini split systems, which means that unlike standard split system air conditioners, they don’t use a single large indoor unit but rather multiple small indoor units. These units each contain a blower fan and refrigerant coil. They’re mounted up on the outside wall of a room (usually over a window or door) and connect to the outdoor unit through a power and refrigerant lines passed through a hole in the wall. The mini indoor units send conditioned air directly into the living space.

When This Is Beneficial

The big advantages of using a ductless system are the energy savings and convenience of placement. Ductless air conditioners have superior efficiency to standard split systems because they don’t gain heat along the ducts. They also contain smaller motors which consume less power. Each of the indoor units can run separate from the others, so only units in rooms that require cooling need to be on—this is another way ductless systems save money.

The convenience of ductless air conditioners is that, well, they don’t need ducts. This makes them perfect for older homes that were constructed without a ventilation system. If a home has relied on ugly and inefficient window ACs for cooling, a ductless system is the perfect solution—central cooling throughout the house without blocked windows. The convenience of ductless placement also makes them good for new home construction and remodeling, because there’s no need to waste space or time on laying out and installing ducts.

When It Isn’t Beneficial

If a home already has ductwork, putting in a ductless system is redundant. A home can still benefit from a ductless AC for an add-on room or to target places that are hard to cool (such as converting a garage into a workspace), but a full installation probably isn’t the best idea.

As with any HVAC installation, we recommend you call our technicians first before you settle on a choice for a new air conditioning system. We can help you find the right new AC for your home and the needs of your household.

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