Have Your AC Checked Before the Hot Weather Arrives

tech-with-acA summer in Albuquerque is often brutal because of the heat. That’s why you have a powerful and reliable central air conditioner for your house. It would be hard to imagine making it through the summer without it.

But … what if your AC isn’t as reliable as you thought it was? Unfortunately, this happens when the air conditioner doesn’t receive regular professional attention each year before summer. Spring is the time when we recommend you call an Albuquerque, NM, HVAC contractor to give your AC a full check-up and tune-up. This routine service pays you back in many ways. Here are a few…

Reliable performance

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, and that’s the first big benefit of having the air conditioner professionally checked and tuned up. An expert technician will see if the AC needs any repair work before the summer begins, takes care of all the routine cleaning tasks, and adjusts the unit to reduce the chance of problems cropping up later.

Lower utility bills

An air conditioner accumulates plenty of strain over a New Mexico summer. Enough that it will begin to affect how much energy it needs to draw on to work. Leaving the AC without regular pre-season maintenance will allow it to continue to worsen and cost more to run. You may see your bills rise 5% each year (or more) without maintenance service.

Fewer Repairs

An air conditioner given regular care will rarely need to have repairs done on it. In fact, when you have your AC inspected and tuned-up each spring, you will prevent 85% of future repairs. When you add up all those repairs, you won’t have to pay for them. You’ll see how much annual maintenance pays for itself. You also won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of arranging for emergency repairs on a hot day.

Longer equipment life

You invest in the long-term summer comfort of your house when you purchase a central air conditioning system. Like any investment, you want the equipment to last you for many years. Maintenance is the best way to ensure you get the most years possible from your AC. If the system doesn’t have regular checks and maintenance, it may only last for half as long—this could be the difference between an AC that lasts for 15 years and only lasts for 8 years.

Warranty protection

The manufacturer’s warranty that comes with an air conditioner protects the owner from paying for repairs or a replacement because of a factory fault. But this warranty is voided if the AC doesn’t have routine care to keep it in good condition. Missing maintenance may void the warranty on your air conditioner—so make sure you don’t accidentally toss away this vital protection.

Cleaner air

You don’t want a dusty and dirty air conditioner to send unhealthy air around your house. Regular cleaning makes sure you have cleaner air from a clean AC.

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