What to Look for in a New Air Conditioner

new-air-conditioningSpring is here and summer will be along soon enough. This is the time when homeowners trade in their old outdated air conditioners for a more modern replacement. If your warranty has expired and you experienced a lot of trouble with your air conditioner last summer, or if you’re paying far more than you should in your monthly air conditioning bills, it might be time to invest in a new system. Doing so now lets you enjoy the benefits of such a system all summer long – and for many summers thereafter – as well as giving your monthly budget a break with more efficient cooling power.

Once you’ve made the decision to install a new system, you should speak with a trained technician about your options. Every home is different and your new air conditioner needs to match it in ways that a layman may not be aware of. More specifically, here are a few things you should look for when determining the right new air conditioner for you.

Power Levels

All air conditioners have a power output level, which determines the amount of cooling power it releases into your home. That has to be balanced against the specific needs of your home, taking things like square footage and insulation into account. Why? You can probably guess that an underpowered air conditioner is going to run all day without ever getting your home cool.

What surprises most home-owners is that overpowered units can be just as problematic. If you cool the home too quickly, the system shuts off, only to turn on again a short while later as the heat of the day warms the home. Air conditioners use much more energy turning on and turning off than they do simply running, and when your system turns on and off – a process known as short cycling – it can be incredibly damaging. The most effective air conditioner will run at least 15 minutes at a clip, and to do that, it needs to be balanced: neither overpowered, nor underpowered but just right.

Efficiency Levels

Once you’re determined the power levels, the next step is to take care of the efficiency levels. Air conditioners measure efficiency in something called a SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the rating, the more efficiently the system cools the air, and the less it costs compared to similar running times from a less efficient system.

The good news is that newer systems tend to be more efficient by default than the older ones. If you install a new system. You’re apt to see a big drop in your monthly cooling bills, provided you use your new system about as often as you used your old one, and that can make a big difference in the hot months when temperatures approach triple digits.

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