Reasons Your AC Fan Isn’t Working

desk-fanThe main noise you hear from your air conditioning system is the whir of the fans. The noisiest part of an AC is the motor that runs the compressor, but in a split-system air conditioner, the compressor is located in the outdoor unit, making it less obvious. The sound of the fans—both indoor and outdoor fans—is the basic reminder your AC is working, even when not in cooling mode. You’ll often run the fan as a way to circulate air.

When those fans stop working, it’s a problem. Either the indoor blower fan or the outdoor exhaust fan is necessary for the air conditioner to cool a home. When the indoor fan doesn’t work, no air will circulate around the house and no warm air from the return air ducts will move over the evaporator coil to be cooled down. When the outdoor fan doesn’t work, the air conditioning system won’t be able to release the heat it removes from indoors, and therefore won’t cool the air.

You Know You Need Those Fans—But Why Have They Failed?

You probably could already guess those fans were necessary. The big issue when one of them fails is why? Fortunately, getting the fans working again is a job for professionals in most cases. All you have to do is call HVAC technicians to repair the problem. However, we think it’s helpful to look over some of the reasons one of the AC fans may have stopped working. There is a range of possibilities:

  • Lack of electrical power: Yes, this could be as simple as a loss of power to your home. You noticed the fan’s failure first, but then discovered the whole house lost power. This sometimes occurs during the hottest days of the year when the grid is under extreme stress. However, the motor for the fan might have tripped a circuit breaker and cut off the power. Check the electrical panel and reset any tripped breakers. If the problem continues, call technicians to see what the electrical trouble with the AC is.
  • Failed thermostat connection: The thermostat can fail in several ways that will lead to the fans not turning on. A thermostat can lose the connection responsible for turning on the indoor or outdoor fan. We recommend taking a close look at the thermostat settings to ensure a user error isn’t responsible. If the thermostat if malfunctioning, you’ll need professionals to repair or replace it.
  • Failed capacitors: The capacitors are electrical components that send power to the fan motors. They can fail years before the rest of the AC and will need to be replaced.
  • Burnt-out motors: A motor that overheats will burn out and fail. At this point, it can’t be fixed but must be replaced.

These are only common causes. If you can’t tell what’s wrong, call for air conditioning repair in Albuquerque, NM—our technicians are here to help. There’s no reason to mess with the rest when you can call Express! Leave all the hard work to us.

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