Thoughts on Air Conditioning Emergencies

Ac-with-toolsIn our last post, we took a look at plumbing emergencies and how to tell when you’ve got one. For this post, we want to do something similar, except for your air conditioning system. Right now, many people are playing it cautiously when it comes to scheduling home services; they want to feel certain they have a major emergency before they call for professional assistance. Our philosophy is that if you feel the problem is urgent, it’s best to play it safe: assume it’s urgent and give our team members a call.

But we understand if you feel reticent to dash for the phone the moment you notice an AC problem. Thankfully, not all apparent AC emergencies are as bad as they appear. You may only have a minor glitch or simple mistake that’s harming your air conditioning in Espanola, NM.

Come follow us as we take a look at some simple AC malfunction scenarios.

A power outage?

The electrical grid in our area can sometimes become overwhelmed due to demand in the summer. You may not immediately notice a loss of power to your house during the day, only that the AC has shut off. Before panicking about a failed AC, check if the power is out elsewhere in the house. We know it’s not much of an assurance to find that you’ve lost electrical power, but at least you’ll know it’s not a broken AC.

Mysterious thermostat settings

And when we say “mysterious,” we mean nobody in the house will volunteer that they changed the settings without telling anyone else, or that they put the wrong settings in. The culprit may even be you! But this is not a time to find blame: if you discover mistakes on the thermostat programming for your digital or smart thermostat are at fault, you’ve got a quick solution.

The case of the tripped breaker

This is a common air conditioning problem, and we’ve often received calls where it turned out the source of the failed AC was as simple as a tripped circuit breaker. When the air conditioner won’t come on at all, check the house’s electrical panel. Has any breaker tripped? Re-set it, and try the air conditioner again. If the problem persists, you might have an electrical malfunction in the AC. This requires a professional to fix.

The return of the clogged air filter

Clogged air filters often seem like Comfort Enemy Number One when it comes to air conditioners. Leaving the HVAC filter in place for months upon months will lead to a clogged filter, and this can lead to a drop in comfort around the house, low airflow, poor air quality, and even the AC overheating and tripping a breaker. Change the filter to see if this improves performance. Please make it a regular job to replace the filter during the year. We recommend every one to three months.

Don’t worry, we’re here!

You’ve exhausted the other possibilities, and your AC still won’t cool your boiling house? No problem, just call us. We’re already on the way!

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