Time to Schedule Maintenance for your Air Conditioner

air-conditioning-maintanceSpring is officially here and summer won’t be far behind. Those hot days seem to arrive sooner and sooner every year, and if you own a home, you need your air conditioner to work for months on end in order to stay cool and comfortable. The last thing you need is to deal with an unexpected breakdown or repair job in the middle of a heat wave, and while our trained team offers swift repair service — including emergency repairs 24/7 — we also believe that an ounce of preventing beats a pound of cure.

That means scheduling a maintenance session for your air conditioner before the weather gets too hot. It provides a number of benefits and can pay huge dividends later in the summer when the weather gets hot.

What Is a Maintenance Session?

A maintenance session most closely resembles a tune-up for your car. The technician gives every component in your system a close look, checking for signs of trouble both larger and small. (That includes running your system for 15-20 minutes and making sure there are no problems.) Moving parts will be lubricated, clogged filters will be changed and any little issues that crop up (such as loose wires or worn bolts) can be addressed as part of the maintenance session. In the event something more substantial is called for, the technician can schedule a formal repair session to deal with it. In most cases, the repairs can take place immediately after the maintenance session. Otherwise, it can take place at a time of the homeowner’s convenience.

What Are the Benefits?

Scheduling a maintenance session now means that your air conditioner will enjoy the benefits as soon as the first hot day arrives. But what are those benefits? They boil down to three specific advantages:

  1. Lower Monthly Bills. Air conditioning maintenance works to correct a number of problems that waste energy in your system. A loose bolt, for instance, might cause an important component to rattle in its housing, slowing down the rate at which your system cools your home. By addressing those problems, the maintenance session helps you cut down on the monthly cost of running your AC, as well as reducing the strain on individual components (helping them last longer).
  2. Easier Repairs. In the event that further repairs are required, the maintenance session gives you a good way of getting an early jump on it. Not only does it let you schedule repairs according to your timetable — as opposed to rushing around in front of a crisis — but repairs will often cost less than they might otherwise as well, since the damage has had less time to spread.
  3. Longevity. When applied every year — or even twice a year, at the beginning and end of cooling season — maintenance sessions cut down on wear and tear considerably. That can help extend the life of your system by months or even years in some cases, as well as lowering the cost and frequency of repairs later in the system’s life.

For quality air conditioning maintenance sessions in Albuquerque, NM, call the friendly pros at Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain today!

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