Pouring Chemicals Into Your Drains Is NOT Drain Cleaning

drain-cleaningDrain cleaning is an important service we offer for homes. But the name drain cleaning often triggers a confusion in people. They hear those words, and their minds immediately leap to those bottles of “drain cleaners” found on the shelves of many stores. Advertising and promotion has fixed the idea in peoples heads that pouring the chemicals in these bottles down a drain is a form of “drain cleaning,” or a least an effective way to remove obstructions from a drain.

But this isn’t drain cleaning. It’s not a good method to unclog drains either. Your plumbing in Albuquerque, NM deserves much better than these chemicals.

What’s wrong with chemical drain cleaners?

Chemicals, for one thing. Those innocuous-looking bottles on the shelf of your local store are containers of highly acidic chemicals. This is why the bottles have warning labels on them to keep them away from children and pets and to be careful about handling them. You don’t want these chemicals on your skin, in your eye, or to inhale their fumes.

With all that warning, do you think you should pour these acids down your drain? Here are a few of the problems this creates:

  • The acidic action of the chemical solution will eat away at the inside of drainpipes, damaging both metal and plastic.
  • The acids can react with soap scum inside the drains and cause corrosion.
  • Residue of the chemicals will remain behind for days and even months, causing further damage.
  • The chemicals may eat away enough of a clog in a drain to allow water through, but they leave most of the clog behind, offering only a temporary solution.
  • The chemicals create harmful fumes in your home.

Our simple advice for chemical drain cleaners is don’t use them.

So how can I clean my drains?

If you have a minor clog in a single drain, use a standard sink/toilet plunger and then a handcranked drain snake to see if you can clear it. If these don’t work, call for a plumber to use more powerful tools to unclog the drain.

If you want thorough drain cleaning for around the home as a preventive measure—and this is a great idea—schedule full drain cleaning with our team. We don’t use chemicals for this job. We have a range of different methods for drain cleaning, but the one we rely on the most is hydro-jetting. This process blasts high-pressure water out of a hose inserted into the drains to scour the interior walls clean of debris. It won’t harm the pipes (provided you allow a trained professional to do the job) and will clear away all material inside the pipes, from food waste build-up to limescale. Your drains will be in near-mint condition after we’re done.

We recommend having preventive drain cleaning scheduled once a year. This will help stop most future drain clogs and also ensure the plumbing system works at its best.

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