Warning Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair—Or Replacement

broken-sewer-pipeThe sewer line for your home is the part of the plumbing you probably want to deal with the least. It’s necessary for daily life, but it’s also kind of … icky. We get it, and it’s the reason you hire professionals like us to take care of the difficult work of repairing the sewer line when it needs it. Or, as may be the case, putting in an entirely new one.

Because the sewer line is buried down in a trench along your property, you don’t have an easy way to inspect it. How can you know it’s time to call our experts for sewer line service in Santa Fe, NM? There are a few warning signs to watch for, and below is a list of the most common ones.

1. Soggy, smelly spots on the yard

When a sewer line leaks, the waste inside it will flow up toward your yard and seep through the lawn or gardens. You’ll spot soggy spots on the yard that shouldn’t be there, and they’ll give off nasty sewer odors. Call a plumber right away and show them where the spots are located, since this will help them diagnose where the problem is, what it is, and what to do.

2. Changing levels of water in toilet bowls

On some days, the water level in the toilet bowls is full. On others, it’s almost empty. Don’t overlook this, because it’s a warning the sewer line is inconsistently draining, and the problem often affects the toilets on the first floor of the house before affecting other drains.

3. Drains are slow all around the house

A single slow drain means there’s clogging down in the drainpipe. You can solve this with a plunger, and if that doesn’t work, call a plumber for drain cleaning. But when slow drains are occurring all around the house, it means there’s a problem deeper down in the drainage system, possibly with the sewer line. Call a plumber as soon as you can to discover what’s wrong.

4. Drains are gurgling

You pour water down a sink, and then you hear coming up from the drain an odd gurgling sound. This often means sewer gas is being forced up through the water in the p-trap, indicating something is blocking the sewer gas from moving downward through the sewer line.

5. Bad odors in the house

When sewer gas is pushed the wrong way through the drainpipes because of obstructions in the sewer line, bad odors will start to enter your house. If you can trace the odors to one drain, the problem may be a simple case of a dried p-trap; pour water down the drain for a few minutes to restore it. But if the problem is occurring all around the house, it’s time to call for a plumber.

Our plumbers use the best in trenchless technology to provide repairs and replacements for sewer lines. No matter the size of the job we need to do for your sewer line, we’ll complete the work quickly and accurately, leaving little disruption to your property.

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