A Heat Pump May Be Your Best New HVAC Option

sun-and-snowflake-badgeIf you want to start the new year by changing out your old heating and air conditioning system, that’s as good a resolution as any. However, if your old AC and furnace are past the point where they can meet your expectations, or if they’re making your life more difficult each time you have to look at your utility bills, there’s no time like now to replace them.

But before you begin thinking about putting in a new air conditioner and furnace, we’d like to run an alternative past you—a heat pump. A single installation provides both heating and cooling, and possibly at superior energy efficiency than you’ve had before.

The Heat Pump at Work

A heat pump may sound like it only works to warm a space. But the name heat pump describes the primary function—an appliance that pumps heat from one location to another. For example, an air conditioner is a heat pump since it pumps heat from inside a house (cooling the air indoors) to the outdoors.

However, an air conditioner can only move heat in a single direction. The type of installation we’re discussing, a true heat pump can switch between pumping heat outside a house to pumping heat inside a house. Whatever direction a heat pump is working, it uses the same operation—circulating refrigerant and absorbing heat from one set of coils through evaporation and releasing heat through the other set of coils through condensation.

The Heat Pump Benefits

One system that can act as both a heater and an air conditioner is a significant advantage. But there are other reasons to put a heat pump on your list of options.

  • Energy savings: If you have an electric furnace, replacing it with a heat pump can significantly lower your utility bills. Heat pumps consume less electrical power to provide heat since they only move heat rather than generate it.
  • Safety: Not all homeowners want to use natural gas or propane to power their homes because of potential hazards. A heat pump doesn’t burn any heating oil or create harmful emissions. In addition, the exterior of a heat pump doesn’t even warm up when it’s in heating mode.
  • Better comfort: The heat that comes from a heat pump feels less stuffy and dry than the air that comes from furnaces.
  • Ease of maintenance: Having a single system for cooling and heating makes it easier for technicians to maintain the system and in excellent repair.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

A heat pump can lose energy efficiency in icy conditions. However, the climate in New Mexico rarely dips low enough to give a heat pump grief, so this isn’t much of a concern.

However, no single HVAC system is ideal for all homes, so always work with experienced professionals when you’re thinking about putting in a new heating/cooling system. To get started with finding the best comfort for your home, call the Los Alamos, NM, heat pump pros.

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