Do You Need A New Furnace?

Winter is the season for cozy sweaters, warm mugs of coffee and tea, and toasty evenings with the heater running. But if your old furnace has seen better days, you may need to replace it. So what are the signs that you need a new furnace? In this article, the experts at Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain share everything you need to know about furnace replacement.

Replace An Aging System

The most common reason for furnace replacement is age. Furnaces tend to last for 15-20 years before giving out. So if you own a unit at that age, it’s only a matter of time before it fails. To determine your model’s age, check the manufacturer’s label or look up the serial number.

Look For Signs Of Trouble

Malfunctioning furnaces will exhibit noticeable problems and signs of failure, such as the following:

  • Abnormal noises: Odd rattling, buzzing, or humming sounds you’re not used to hearing from the furnace can indicate leaks, cracks, and other structural issues.
  • Rising energy bills: Aging furnace systems heat less efficiently, causing monthly energy bills to spike.
  • Uneven heating: If some rooms in your house feel warmer than others, or if some rooms aren’t heating at all, it could be due to a failing furnace.
  • Poor air quality: Old furnaces distribute more dust, soot, and particles into the air while running.
  • Visible damage: Aging systems often develop visible signs of rust and cracks that reveal it’s time for a replacement.

Do You Need Furnace Repair Or Replacement?

Sometimes, our technicians can address the above furnace issues with repairs instead of a full-on replacement. But first, we have to inspect your system to determine the source of the problem. You can trust Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain to provide an honest assessment of your furnace. Unfortunately, old age makes replacement inevitable in some cases, but we’ll always deliver the most cost effective service for your situation. For example, if your existing furnace experiences frequent breakdowns requiring repairs, we recommend upgrading to a more reliable model to save money.

Contact Us Today For Professional Furnace Replacement

At Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain, we have years of experience replacing run-down furnaces. Many of our clients appreciate the new functionality, performance, and reliability of the furnaces we install. So if your old heater is giving you trouble, consider upgrading it with the help of our professionals. We also offer ongoing maintenance and repair programs to ensure your installation lasts for years. So contact us today to schedule a professional furnace replacement!

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