Is a Boiler Better Than a Furnace?

boilerIf you’re like most of the nation, then you’ve probably spent most of your life heating your home with a furnace. After all, if you were to tell an HVAC technician that you wanted “the fastest, cheapest, easiest heater,” they’d naturally set you up with a furnace.

Of course, that’s not to say that furnaces are always the best option (if they were, there wouldn’t be any other heaters on the market!). A boiler is vastly different than a furnace, and it may be just the kind of heater that you never knew you needed. Here’s why:

More Comfortable, Even Heating

It’s true that comfort is a matter of opinion, but even so, the type of heating supplied by boilers has been praised for unmatched comfort. Depending on what kind of boiler you have installed, they’ll use either convection or radiant heating. These forms of heating feel more natural, and they can fill the entire room with warmth given enough time.

On the other hand, furnaces and heat pumps used forced-air heating. This method of heating heats the air itself and then blows it into the room. While they can certainly be quicker than boilers, that can come at the cost of the air failing to disperse across the room. That can leave some corners—or some rooms entirely—with a disproportionate amount of warmth.

Less Moving Parts

Furnaces require several, working components just to start combusting fuel. Then, it needs several more to generate the warm air and to blow it through the home. More moving parts means a higher chance of needing repairs in the future.

With boilers, you can expect a more complicated installation, but the installed system itself is much simpler. When there are issues, they’re easier to pinpoint and repair.

Better Air Quality

Forced-air heaters have a tendency to dry out the air, making dry winter conditions even worse. Plus, the blowing air can unsettle dust, exacerbating allergy and asthma symptoms.

Convection and radiant heating does not disturb the air, meaning your indoor air quality can stay intact. It may not help much with dry air, but it won’t be felt as dramatically since it does not blow air onto your skin.

Less Noise

Every time the furnace starts, you can expect to hear the whooshing of heated air circulating through your ducts and vents.

Boilers won’t make noise unless there’s something wrong with them. If they do, be sure to call in for boiler repair services.

Can Be Combined with In-Floor Heating

If you’re familiar with boilers, you may be picturing the large, metal radiators required to circulate heat. Of course, not everyone likes the space in their room being used for this purpose. That’s where the option for in-floor heating is worth consideration.

In-floor radiant heating uses a series of tubes laid out through the floor, walls, or ceilings to achieve a similar effect as radiators without all the extra bulk. If you’re thinking of installing a boiler, it’s definitely an option to consider long before the installation begins.

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