Size Matters When It Comes to New Heaters

heating-replacement-servicesNo one likes to think about buying a new heater in the middle of winter. It leaves your home without proper warmth and can be complicated by snow and other types of inclement weather.

Normally, you should wait until spring to replace an older heater, and if you need to do so now, it’s likely because you’re dealing with a significant breakdown. That means you need to move quickly to get a new heating system installed. But don’t let that need blind you to the steps you need to take to get the right system for your home.

Above all, the size of your new system is of paramount importance. By that, we don’t mean the physical size of the unit (though it needs to fit into whatever space you have for it). We mean the power levels it holds and the heat it can output. That’s a much more delicate equation than you may think.

Short Cycling

You can probably tell that your new heater won’t be able to do the job if it’s underpowered. It will run and run all day without ever really getting the house warm: costing you comfort levels and charging you a small fortune in monthly heating costs to boot. The solution would seem to be to get the most powerful heater you can afford, but that too is severely problematic for reasons that you might not think.

Heating systems tend to use much more power starting up and turning off than they do simply running. Fans and other components need to get up to speed, and that can use a lot of juice. For that reason, you usually want your heater to run for at least 15 minutes at a time, which ensures that it uses the minimum amount of energy for the maximum possible effect. Otherwise, it results in a phenomenon known as short-cycling: turning on and off multiple times throughout the day as the home is heated too quickly and cools off when the heater isn’t running.

Needless to say, that can be extremely hard on the system. Not only will it increase wear and tear – creating larger and more frequent problems earlier in the system’s life – but it will raise your monthly bills higher than they should be, wasting a great deal of money in the process.

Sizing Needs to Be Done Carefully

Sizing the power levels of a new system required more than just measuring the square footage (though that is a good beginning). A trained technician will also take such factors into account as the amount of insulation in your home, the size of your kitchen (which tends to produce more heat than other parts of the home), and the presence of factors like large windows that let in a lot of sunshine. Those can make a big difference in the ideal heater size for your space, and allow the technician to make the best recommendation possible.

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