It’s Time for Regular Maintenance for Your Furnace!

heating-repair-servicesDo you use a furnace for comfort during the winter? If you do, you won’t rely on it as much as someone who lives in a northern state—but you will get used to it during the coming months. Is the furnace ready for another season?

If your answer is “I’m not sure,” or “How can I know if it’s ready?” then we need to remind you about regular professional heating maintenance.

Heating Maintenance Is an Annual Necessity

The word maintenance usually brings to mind a chore that nobody wants to do because it forces everything to shut down for a stretch. (“Sorry, the water to the neighborhood will be shut off for most of Monday for regular plumbing maintenance.”) But people also know that maintenance is necessary because it prevents systems and appliances from wearing down rapidly.

The good news: furnace maintenance isn’t a major chore you have to do yourself, and it only takes the heater out of service for around an hour. When you arrange for furnace maintenance, when the daytime weather is still warm, you won’t miss the furnace one bit when the technicians inspect it and tune it up. Maintenance is as easy as calling our office and getting on the schedule.

Furnace Maintenance Is Beneficial In So Many Ways

In fact, let us count the ways! Or some of them—we don’t want this post to go on too long.

1 – Safety:

A gas furnace can potentially turn hazardous if it misses out on annual maintenance. Although manufacturers build new furnaces to the highest safety standards, they can still develop faults such as cracked heat exchangers that threaten to send toxic exhaust into a home or create fire hazards. The chance of such dangers occurring can be reduced to almost nothing when the furnace has yearly attention from professionals. Then, if the technicians find anything wrong, you can have it fixed right away or arrange for a new heater installation.

2 – Efficiency:

The furnace’s energy efficiency will remain at or near the factory level when regular inspections and tune-ups. Skipping this service can mean a decline of 5% in efficiency each year. You don’t want to pay more to heat your home than you have to, and maintenance helps see that you never do.

3 – Dependability:

When you adjust the thermostat on a cold day, so your furnace sends out heat, you expect the furnace to … well, send out the heat. If the furnace was maintained before the cold weather arrived, there’s little chance of it failing to come on when it’s needed. Without maintenance, the risk of failure goes up, and your peace of mind goes down.

4 – Longevity:

A furnace can last from 15 to 20 years when it’s properly maintained. If it’s not, slash the life expectancy in half.

5 – Warranty:

The manufacturer’s warranty protects you from paying for repairs or a replacement due to a factory fault. But the warranty only remains in force if the furnace has professional maintenance each year. So don’t let this important guarantee vanish when you let maintenance languish. (Poetry!)

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