Warning Signs of a Boiler in Need of Repairs

condensing-gas-boilerThe weather hasn’t turned cold yet to the point where you’ll have your boiler running regularly. The time is fast approaching, however, and we want to help you prepare for the winter season. The first step is arranging for maintenance for your boiler with our technicians. This is the best way to prevent boiler repair in Santa Fe, NM over the winter.

But since no amount of maintenance can prevent all repairs, the next step is understanding the signs of a boiler in trouble. When a boiler begins malfunctioning, it will send out several signals that it’s heading south. You can catch these and arrange for repairs before the boiler stops working. Remember, the sooner you have repairs done, the less extensive they are likely to be.

The Signs to Watch for of a Boiler in Trouble

When you see or hear any of these, we recommend calling for heating service as soon as you can.

  • Kettling: This is a popping, rumbling noise coming from the boiler’s tank. It can sound alarming, but don’t worry that the boiler is about to “blow” or something extreme like that. It is, however, an indication of something wrong in the tank. A likely cause is that sediment is gathering at the bottom of the tank, trapping water between the sediment and the heat exchanger. The exchanger heats this layer of water, which then percolates up through the sediment and creates the sound of kettling. Flushing the boiler system will take care of this and ensure the boiler works at peak efficiency.
  • Leaks: A boiler is a closed system designed to circulate the same amount of water through the tank and to the terminal points in the house. It should never have water leaking from any part. When you see water pooling around the base of the boiler tank, shut the heating system off and call for technicians immediately.
  • Corrosion: This is the biggest enemy of any system that uses water and metal. A boiler is designed to resist corrosion for most of its service life, and when it starts to appear, it usually means it’s time for a new boiler. It the corrosion is limited to the heat exchanger, sometimes the boiler can be rescued by replacing only the exchanger.
  • Cold radiators/baseboard heaters: When one or more of the terminal points in the house goes cold, it may be an issue with the system in general or with the radiators/baseboard heater. Bleed the radiator first to release air pockets; this may fix the problem. If it doesn’t, call for repair technicians to discover what’s wrong.
  • Higher heating bills: A rise in the cost to heat your home that you can’t explain with increased usage may point toward a malfunctioning heater. Don’t simply keep paying out more for comfort—have our technicians take a look at the boiler.

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