3 Things to Look for In a Plumber

emergency-plumbing-servicesPlumbing professionals are as important to your home as the mechanic is to your car. We depend on our plumbing systems for potable water to cook, clean and bathe with. It’s one of the basic staples of living. And when your plumbing system runs into trouble — whether it’s a leak, a clog, or a new sink — you want a plumbing company that knows its business and can deliver on its promises.

There are plenty of plumbers in the area, and most of them can do a halfway decent job if your pipes or outlets have a problem. But you don’t need just “halfway decent” when superior services are available. The question becomes how to separate the merely “decent” plumbing companies from those who go above and beyond.

At the end of the day, only you can decide which plumber works best for your circumstances. There are, however, several qualities to look for in a good plumbier that separates it from the merely adequate. Here is a brief description of three of those qualities, which can help you make up your mind.

1. Emergency Services

Not every plumbing issue makes itself know during regular business hours. And if water is spreading across your kitchen floor in the middle of the night, that’s not an issue that can wait until morning. (Every household plumbing system has a master shut-off valve that lets you turn off water to the home and stop the leaking. But even then, you’re stuck without running water until the problem gets fixed, and most homes won’t be able to do that for more than a few hours at the most.) A quality plumber understands that you don’t always have a choice about when you deal with a plumbing issue, and will offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to treat any problem anytime it occurs.

2. Free Estimates

Reliable plumbers are interested in doing a good job in order to build up a loyal customer base. Happy customers will come back to the business as a matter of course if they know that business is dependable. Fly-by-night companies just look for a fast buck, and one of the less honest ways they go about that is suddenly “discovering” some issue that will cost extra midway through a plumbing repair job when you’re already committed. Honest plumbers will offer free estimates up front, so you know exactly what all of the costs will be before work begins.

3. Warranties and Guarantees

Furthermore, quality companies offer reliable service that you can count on when the work is done. That way, you won’t have to deal with the same problem again a few weeks or months down the line. Look for companies that stand by their work with warranties — covering parts and labor for a given repair job if the same problem crops up again — or similar guarantees.

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