Always Count on a Professional for Drain Cleaning

clogged-drain-serviceClogged drains are a common occurrence, and sooner or later your household is likely to run into one. The go-to solution for such issues is to buy a chemical drain cleaner at the store, or perhaps go to the local home improvement center and purchase a plumbing snake.

In almost every instance that’s a huge mistake. Store-bought solutions rarely address the issue properly, and often force you to apply them again and again before the drain becomes clear. In most cases, if you can’t deal with the clog via a good old-fashioned plunger, it’s best to call in a professional plumber.

Why Don’t Store-Bought Solutions Work?

A store-bought solution like a cleanser is designed to treat any kind of clog, which means addressing a wide variety of materials. Congealed fat, potato peelings, toothpaste, soap-and-hair mixtures, even children’s toys flushed down the toiler: all of these are much different in their composition, and yet all of them can be the source of a plumbing clog. Chemical cleaners are designed to treat them all the same way – by breaking them down so they can be washed down the drain – while over-the-counter snakes can often simply punch a hole in the clog that gives the water room to flow freely down the drain.

Regardless, that constitutes an incomplete solution to the clog at best. In most cases, it leaves at least part of the clog intact, meaning that it will likely re-form much more quickly than it would otherwise. That means you’ll end up applying the same half measures over and over again to address the same issue.

Furthermore, store-bought measures can end up damaging the pipes themselves, either by scratching them up in the case of snakes or corroding them in the case of cleansers. This becomes especially problematic with stubborn clogs because the “solution” affects the same spot of the pipe every time, which can lead to the kind of damage that requires more than a simple drain-cleaning solution to solve.

Professional Solutions Work the Right Way

A professional plumber, on the other hand, doesn’t need to adhere to a generic solution to a very specific clog. He or she has access to high-end tools that cost more than most laymen can afford, but which address the unique nature of the clog.

That usually starts with a video pipe inspection: sending a tiny video camera and light on a cable to get a look at the clog from the inside of the pipe. That lets the technician know exactly what is causing the issue and select a tool that fits the need.

Such tools can include things like motorized snakes with rotating heads which can be fitted to the issue at hand, as well as providing additional power to get the whole clog. It can also include things like hydro-jetting hoses which fire powerful pulses of water down the pipe and scour the clog clear without causing any further damage.

If you have a clogged drain in your Los Alamos, NM home, don’t rely on a store-bought cleanser. Instead, call Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain for quality professional drain cleaning services!

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