Plumbing Services That You Just Can’t DIY

bad-diyThere are some plumbing services that you just can’t do yourself. And we’re not saying that because we doubt your craftsmanship, your ingenuity, or your overall tenacity for getting a job done.

In this case, you really just can’t do these jobs without the right equipment and training. You could rent the equipment, but it just wouldn’t be worth it if your “minor” clog or leak ends up being more complicated. Keep reading and we’ll explain everything.

Video Pipe Inspection

It’s not too common, but your sewer line may develop a leak or clog. The problem is that your sewer line is underground, and it’s going to be several dozen feet long. In order to take care of the problem, you need to know its exact location.

Using a monitor, and a camera attached to the end of a very long cable, a plumber can see every inch of your drain or sewer line. They’ll be able to inspect the condition of your line in full color, allowing them to detect leaks, buildup, and clogs. It also tracks the distance automatically so a plumber can pinpoint the location of the problem.

If you were to tackle sewer repair without video inspection, you’d have no choice but to use your best judgment and start digging holes all over your yard.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

We actually can’t think of too many instances where a homeowner would want to do their own sewer line replacement. Excavating your entire sewer line is a huge undertaking, not to mention a potentially unsanitary one.

Of course, with the tools of a professional plumber in Albuquerque, NM, it’s not so big an issue. Trenchless technology has made sewer line replacement a far easier task than it used to be.

Instead of having to dig up the entire sewer line, the plumber only needs to dig two holes: one at the entry point, and one at the exit point. They then feed a pipe liner through the entire length of the sewer line. The liner can then be hardened, thus replacing the old sewer line.

Thorough Drain Cleaning

Unclogging a drain is one thing, but a proper drain cleaning is much more. A clog is merely the symptom of the bigger problem: the dirty drain.

Unfortunately, thoroughly cleaning a drain is not a DIY task, either. Pouring drain cleaner down the sink in large quantities can do more damage to your pipes than good. This is because the caustic chemicals inside of the cleaners can gradually eat away at your pipes.

The professional way to clean a drain involves the use of a hydro jet. The hydro jet uses a highly pressurized stream of hot water to blast away fat, grease, oil, and organic matter from the insides of the pipe. Regular drain cleaning severely reduces the chance of clogs by taking away the buildup.


While there are people who can certainly do impressive DIY work, there are some cases where the DIY route would be far more expensive, damaging, or just inefficient. That’s simply because the tools for the job are not available to the average homeowner.

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