Sewer Line Leak? Trenchless Repair to the Rescue!

exposed-pipeReplacing a damaged sewer pipe would normally require that the entire length of pipe is excavated. Say goodbye to the lawn you’ve been carefully maintaining for the last few years.

But actually, that method of sewer line repair represented the old “normal.” The new normal is with trenchless pipe technology.

If your sewer line requires repairs or replacement from a plumber in Albuquerque, NM, you can rest assured that it’s a relatively painless process. Let us explain.

How Trenchless Technology Works

Instead of having to dig a trench across your beautiful yard, you only have to settle for two holes: one at the point where the sewer line enters the home, and the other at the point where it meets the municipal line.

The existing sewer line is cleaned out with a hydro-jet, a hose that shoots a stream of highly-pressurized water. This clears the way for a pipe of a slightly smaller diameter. The new pipe is inserted and then inflated, thus creating a new pipe from the inside of the old one. It’s a seamless and painless process that saves your property from destruction.

Signs You Might Need Sewer Line Services

But how do you know if you’ll need sewer line replacement? There are various signs to look out for. Some of them—such as awful smells—will probably be obvious. At other times, the leak may be a bit more subtle.

The Sound of Running Water

None of your water taps are running, and none of your water-using appliances are on. Yet, you hear the sound of rushing water. A leak is a likely explanation, and it could very well be from the sewer line. The only way to find out for sure is with the help of an expert.

Foul Odors

A sewer line leak can unleash some pretty awful smells—though we’re sure you’re not surprised to hear that. Gases in your sewer line, such as methane, can plague your home in the event of a leaking sewer line. Exposure can become dangerous, so don’t hesitate to call for emergency services.

Mold and Mildew

A leak can create an excess of moisture in your property. And where there’s excess moisture, there’s usually mold and mildew. Having your leak fixed immediately will prevent it from getting worse.

Puddles in Your Yard

If a part of your yard is suddenly waterlogged and squishy, it could just be the sign of a broken sprinkler head. But it can also be a leak from a sewer line. Even if there aren’t any foul smells coming from the leak, it’s worth having checked out, since it could just as easily be a result of a broken main water line.

Flourishing Landscape

The only thing a broken sewer line could be good for is the fact that it might fertilize your yard. If you suddenly notice parts of the yard that are lusher and greener than the rest of it, it could be due to a leaking sewage.

A sewer line leak is nothing to take lightly. Contact Santa Fe Express Plumbing & Drain today and ask for our emergency services. Why Wait for Services When You Can Get It Express?

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