Thoughts on Plumbing Emergencies

leak-in-trapRight now, plenty of people are wondering how much work around their house they can take care of on their own without having to call on a professional. This is prudent, and we completely understand. But we want to address this issue of plumbing repair, because most problems that can crop up with residential plumbing shouldn’t be left to DIY work.

So if a plumbing problem occurs in your house in the next few weeks, calling a professional plumber to fix it is usually the right choice. However, we want to guide you through a few issues that may have simple solutions, or may not actually be problems, as well as an important stopgap measure. When in doubt, call us for plumbing in Los Alamos, NM.

No water? It could be a municipal problem

You turn the shower faucet on in the morning … and no water comes out, not even cold water. You try other faucets, and nothing doing. This is a moment when you’ll feel a touch of panic coming on, but before you call a plumber, make sure the problem isn’t coming from the municipal system. Call your neighbors and find out if they’re experiencing the same problem. If they are, then call the utility company to see how long they expect the water to be off.

Try safe and simple drain unclogging techniques

A clogged drain is a nuisance, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate an emergency. We recommend you have two tools on hand to help resolve simple drain clogs. The first is the plunger (sink and toilet plungers are different, with different shapes). The second is the hand-cranked drain auger/drain snake. These can often open up drains with minor clogs, and may allow some temporary help for larger ones. If these don’t work, call a plumber—do not use chemical drain cleaners, which are unsafe for you and your drains.

Know how to shut off the water to the house

In case a possible flooding emergency due to a broken tap or pipe, make sure you and all the other adults in your house know where the shut-off valve to the water main is located. This stops damage and gives you time to call a plumber and get to mopping up excess water while they’re on their way. For most homes, the shut-off valve is located under a lid at the edge of the property closest to the street.

Sewage backup requires a fast response

If you see (or, let’s face it, smell) sewage coming up from drains in the floor or first-story sink drains, you have a serious problem that needs professional plumbers on the job as fast as you can get them. This is why we’re proud to be the express plumber—and we also do trenchless sewer line replacement for the quickest solution to any big problem you have with your sewer line.

We offer all types of plumbing repair services, so if you feel unsure about what to do with a plumbing problem in your house, give us a call and we can advise about what to do.

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